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Whats news in web development

Posted by Development on 07-02-2012

First up this week are a couple of issues that have come to light. PHP 5.3.10 has been released to fix a rather nasty little regression so if your are running at the bleeding edge it might be prudent to investigate further. Over at 456 Berea Street they have noticed an issue with defining a max-width for an image in IE8 can in certain instances make it disappear.

If you are striking out on a new site you can get some tips on How to Approach a Responsive Design then use The Responsive grid generator and finally give it all a test with the Responsive Design Test Bookmarklet.

If you have a legacy project with a block of HTML code and you want to stub out a CSS file give this CSS template generator a go. Performance issues can be identified with A single-file-script for PHP debugging.


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