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What's news in web development

Posted by Development on 24-07-2012

First up there are new versions of PHP 5.3.15 and PHP 5.4.5 as well as a bug fix release of the ubiquitous MySQL database. Also in the land of languages Perl 5.16 is out and Twisted 12.1 is hot off the press.

To keep all your code safe and organised BZR 2.5.1 is out and for the masochists Emacs 24.1 is now available to torture yourselves with.

Ever forward looking Webkit is looking at introducing CSS variables. Ever the bridesmaid Opera 12 has had a bit of a pretty up.

Dot net ran an article reminding us of the importance users seem to place on content positioning and suggest a focus on the right hand side.

Microsoft recently launched their new service called Socl. It's worth a look.


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